Featurette: Wieliczka Salt Mine, Near Krakow, Poland

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Built in the 13th Century, the Wieliczka Salt Mine is the oldest continually-producing salt mine in the entire world — producing table salt from the 1200s until production finally halted in 2007. The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a major attraction for tourists and site-seers due to the ornate carvings, rooms and chambers that have been carved out of the salt itself.

Wieliczka -- Map

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is located in the town of Wieliczka, just outside of Krakow, and is considered a part of the Greater Krakow, Poland Metropolitan area. A national landmark, the mine was officially added as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978.


The Legend of the Wieliczka Salt Mine

Princess Kinga was a Hungarian noblewoman who was engaged to be married to Boleslaw V The Chaste. Kinga through her ring into a salt mine in Hungary and traveled to Krakow, Poland, where she told miners to dig a…

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Castellón and Bucharest: Joined by Blue Air

Aiport Castellon

The airline Blue Air connects Bucharest with Castellón twice weekly from June 2016 and will offer 35,000 people a year, of which 19,000 will be offered in the last six months of the next year.

So explained it today at press conference of Lavalin, Alain Russel, managing director and CEO of Summerwind, Permanent Representative of the company Blue Air in Spain, Federico Lledó.

The flights are already on sale on the Blue Air website at a price from 19.90 euros.

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Castellón and Bucharest: Joined by Blue Air

The castellon airport meets the expectations

Aiport Castellon

Castellon airport is fulfilling the expectations of occupation with which Ryanair started to operate in this infrastructure, where expected to reach 60,000 passengers in the first year with a unique route to London, that Bristol will be added in the summer.

According to its head of sales and Marketing for Spain, José Espartero, the low cost airline has given life to the Castellón airport, which last September received its first flight from Stansted, regular. Since Ryanair are satisfied with registered occupation, which ran on first flights and «absolutely logically» «very good» in the current reserves.

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The castellon airport meets the expectations

Airport of Castellón: Looking to the future


Serafí Bernat is the new director of Aerocas since yesterday. The Professor of the Department of Economics at the Universitat Jaume I and director of the Institute for Local development took office in the Board of Directors held by the promoter of the airport facilities.

With their input, Aerocas President, Francesc Colomer, last renewal of the entity, which has given entrance to the provincial tourism sector and the mayors of the municipalities in which the infrastructure sits. That Yes, at the moment, which until yesterday was the Director, Patricia Llopis, continues in the body, at the expense of Bernat which may decide in the coming weeks.

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Airport of Castellón: Looking to the future